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Paranoid Puppies, Inc.
• 3/30/2013


i think that Lucky looks like some kind of collie, What do u think?

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Paranoid Puppies, Inc.
• 12/24/2013

I think that he's a German Shepherd due to his similarity to the puppy in the concept art. http://asayojanicekubo.blogspot.com/2011/12/pound-puppies-design-ideas.html

• 12/28/2013

Officially he's a "mutt", a mixed breed. His Hubworld profile calls him that and his Profiles in Puppitude video is titled "The All-American Mutt".

His father looks like a Scottish Terrier and he does look German Shepherd-ish. However, the German Shepherds that appeared in "The K9 Kid" look noticeably different from him, probably because they were designed by two different companies. I still think he has some German Shepherd in him, though.

Lucky and German Shepherd
• 2/1/2014

He is officially a Scottish Terrier German Shepherd mix, according to the wiki that is, however I'm not 100% sure he is that alone. From first glance, I thought he was a type of malamute mix due to his coloration and flat coat. We don't know everything about the parents, except for the fact that Slick is the father and he bares a similar appearance to a Scottish Terrier, so there could be a possibility that either from the fathers side or the mothers side, there is a third breed in him that made an affect on his appearance.

It could be that his mother was a German Shepherd and Husky hybrid, people enjoy getting them because they look a lot like wolves to them and they still get them now. From there though, all we know is Lucky's birth could of been an accident caused by the mother and Slick escaping their pens around the time the mother was in-heat, and the mother's owner could of been irresponsible about them mingling seeing as there are people who would get a dog for all the wrong reasons. The mother could of also been a German Shepherd and Wolf hybrid, seeing as wolf hybrids are more rare and valued, but the point has been made.

I would also like to point out that in they had purposefully made Wolf-Bark-Tooth with the same appearance and design as Lucky, only making him look more 'primitive' to show it is an older time. As we all know, wolves at that time were the only existing canine to be first tamed as a dog, there were no Terriers or Collies or even German Shepherds, so though I think they went the wrong route to glorify the species by only glorifying Lucky, they may have helped prove my point only to the slightest. The original and believed story of how wolves came into contact was undecided, but highly believed that the wolves came to humans when food was scarce and the primitive man came up with the idea that if they helped to hunt, they get to eat as a reward. The fact they chose Lucky as the historical representation for that story could possibly indicate something about the wolf in him being stronger than it is in other dogs, and that would also explain why he is such an excellent and successful leader than most other shelter heads and why he is so dominant and aggressive towards Fang. Okay this one isn't my strongest theory but seeing as they canonly put wolves into an episode, compare Lola and Shagface to each other and Lucky. They don't share the same markings with each other but Shagface and Lola share the same color palate, with Lucky he has a possibly similar appearance face-wise in markings if the purple went down to his muzzle, but don't forget the appearance could of been bred out of him. Okay, with this one I obviously fell on my face but the Wolf-Bark-Tooth thing could mean something, right?!

The second paragraph might also explain why Lucky is in a pound and not with an owner, when an irresponsible owner doesn't know what to do with a dog that they don't want to keep anymore, it usually ends up in a pound or shelter. Seeing as we could confirm they were at least kept with their mother as pups, which is possible seeing as people often love the cute little puppies when they're smaller and cuter. Maybe that is also why Lucky is so determined to find good homes for puppies that would last a life time, because he doesn't want a pup to end up with the situation he and his mother had. Another idea though could of been Lucky went looking for Slick around the time he and his siblings were ready to be sold as pets, never finding him and even building assumptions to dispise Slick. And if we want to pick apart his breed more, we also have Chip to help us out a little.

Then again though, these are all just theories, so I could just be talking nonsense. It could be false, but at least from what I could confirm is that Lucky has at least three or more breeds in him. (And his father was a mut too, so...)

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