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The Nth Doctor
• 9/4/2013

Please write letters to Hasbro, the show needs our help;

Hi everyone,

Recently Eric McCormack (the voice of Lucky) tweeted that he thinks that Pound Puppies is done, but he hasn't heard anything official.

I am not giving up. Now, more than ever, we have to show our support;

So please, write letters to Hasbro and tell them that you enjoy the show and want it to continue;

Hasbro Inc.
1027 Newport Avenue
Pawtucket, RI 02861

And please contact The Hub's "viewer relations" here; http://corporate.discovery.com/contact/viewer-relations/

Please show your support and write letters to Hasbro and Hub's viewer relations. Volume is the key. This is a time for action.


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The Nth Doctor
• 10/19/2013
Perhaps a petition of some sort would also help.
• 10/19/2013

Good thought!

I'm unfamiliar with these things, do you happen to know where one can get made?

• 10/19/2013
Try the Change.org site. They let people create their own petitions all the time.
• 10/21/2013

Signed, tweeted, and liked on Facebook.

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