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• 2/1/2014

The red and white female "mutt" in Trixie's circus

This might not get much attention, but I would like to bring awareness that the female mutt on the bottom row in the center is NOT a mutt, or if she is a mutt her breed base can still be identified. So far I see she has red fur with a white stripe on the top of her muzzle, a white chest, and white front paws as well as a long and possibly fluffy coat, floppy ears, and a sturdy-built body shape. These are all traits a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever has, and if you don't believe me or have never seen/heard of one before I would like to advise you to look it up. They are very beautiful breeds of course and you would find a lot of similarities, especially including the female dog in the episode is not a small breed. It was just kind of a pet peeve of mine that they had listed her as a mutt, so I wanted to clarify that she was not a mutt at all, just a very uncommon breed that people don't hear of now adays.

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• 2/3/2014

Hi! Thanks for the information (and correcting the page) and thanks for taking an interest our Puppies wiki. :)

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