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6 puppies appeared in "Lucky the Dunce."

The fat puppy was voiced by John DiMaggio, and another was voiced by Alanna Ubach. The other four did not have speaking roles.


They were brought to the Shelter 17 by Officer Ketchum. They had previously been kept at the Uptown, Vet City, and Southeast Mid-central Pounds. In order to avoid them getting transferred to Sunshine Springs (a pound out in the middle of nowhere) Lucky had a plan to get all six of them adopted, but complications arose when the beam from Strudel's Laser machine accidentally hit Lucky in the head, causing him to become a goofy simpleton. The pups want to run away with Lucky and Niblet, but Niblet tells them to go to their perfect people which convinces him to allow Strudel to turn Lucky back. They plug Mcleash's phone in and the laser bounces off Squirt's mirror and hit the satellite and sends multiple lasers into the 6 puppies's perfect people's phones. And they all come to adopt them.

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