Back in Action
Season 3, Episode 17
Sleeping bert 2
Air date September 7, 2013
Written by Sib Ventress
Directed by Tim Stuby
Storyboard by Sabrina Alberghetti and Craig A. Taillefer
Featured Puppies Bert, Jackpot
Adoptee Bert and Jackpot
Adopter Emily
Episode Guide
"Lucky the Dunce"
"The Truth Is in Hear"

Back in Action is the seventeenth episode of season 3, and the fifty-sixth episode overall. It first aired September 7th, 2013 in the US.

Bert, a dog who's a faded TV star, has the blues until his skills are needed to aid in a rescue.


The episode begins rather slowly- the Pound Puppies have found themselves in a slump in terms of work. Most of them have fallen asleep or are stretching out. Lucky has quickly gone stir-crazy and is hoping for some kind of action. By his good fortune, a full-grown, elderly dog arrives- unfortunately, he's a stubborn one. Trying to show some kindness, the Pound Puppies discover that he is (as put by Niblet) "a great big bowl of 'I'm not very nice'!".

Despite this, Lucky is looking forward to a challenge (given how slow things have been lately). Unfortunately, the old codger isn't planning on being adopted- he hates people, has few appealing qualities and only wants to nap. The Pound Puppies can barely learn his name- Bert -but, thankfully, an energetic pup soon arrives to make life easier. Strangely, he recognizes Bert... But why is he calling Bert "McBowser"?

Digging around through the media, Strudel finds that Bert is a faded TV star. Once a dynamo of action, he lost his spot on the show to a younger dog and the ravages of age. He clearly has no want to be reminded of the "glory days", but young Jackpot longs to know all that he can learn. Concerned for Jackpot's innocence (and for his adoption, as Jackpot refuses to be adopted without McBowser getting his person), the gang does all it can to turn Bert back to his old self. Unfortunately, all Bert wants to do is nap, which quickly shakes Jackpot's faith and (eventually) leaves the poor pup in tears.

Taking Jackpot to his person (who is disabled, thus making Jackpot a service dog), it seems things just might turn around. Unexpectedly, McBowser arrives to wish Jackpot a good life. Sadly, just as Jackpot begins to settle in, Emily's motorized wheelchair goes haywire, sending her on an unwanted trip through the city. With no choice, McBowser returns to his hero role (if only briefly) to make one last rescue, with Strudel guiding him through the city.


Starring the Voices of

Guest Starring the Voices of

  • Clancy Brown - Bert / Dad / Bad guy
  • Lucas Grabeel - Jackpot / Little boy #2
  • Kath Soucie - Emily's mom / Little girl #2
  • Lauren Tom - Emily / FKD
  • Tammy Trull - Little girl #1


Bert: What did you say your name was?
Lucky: It's Lucky.
Bert: Well, your luck just ran out.

Strudel: Bert, this is the FKD. It gathers information about you to determine who your perfect person is.
Bert: You're wasting your time.
Strudel: I realize that, but I'm praying for a miracle.


This episode is featured on the Pound Puppies: Showstopping Pups DVD.



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