Pound Puppies 2010 Wiki
Voiced by Clancy Brown
Physical Information
Species Dog
Breed German Shepherd Dog
Gender Male
Personal Information
Occupation Former TV star
Affiliation Shelter 17
Family Emily (owner)
First Appearance Back in Action

Bert is a former tv star dog who appeared in "Back in Action." He was voiced by Clancy Brown.

A young Bert during his McBowser days.


Bert used to be the star and titular character on an old show called McBowser, but eventually he got too old for the role and his owner gave him up. When Bert first arrived at Shelter 17, he was grumpy and would not accept the Pound Puppies' help. When Jackpot arrived, he was excited to meet Bert, as he had seen old reruns of McBowser and was a huge fan. Bert was initially annoyed by Jackpot's adulation, but soon grew to like the little pup.

He was adopted by Emily after saving her and Jackpot from her malfunctioning wheelchair.



  • Apparently, Strudel managed to implant a tracking device "deep within the innards of..." Bert's heart "when no one was looking"; this is slightly confirmed when Bert says that his heart stopped for a moment and (at the same time) Strudel had lost him for a moment. As to how Bert failed to notice any tracking device entering him is unknown, though, given his age, it is possible that his memory failed him.