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Betty Bob was the leader of the Junkyard Dogs owned by Junkyard Jim. She appeared in "King of the Heap". She was voiced by Emily Mortimer.


Betty Bob seemed like a tough dog at first, exerting her authority over Niblet, and declaring the junkyard her "turf." She later revealed that this was just an act to hide how scared she was.


Betty Bob confronted Niblet when he arrived at the Junkyard. She meant to scare him off, but after Niblet got a bee up his nose and started flailing wildly, it was Betty Bob who got scared, losing her position to him. When the Pound Puppies arrived with Tyson, she explained things to them, admitting her flaws. Tyson complimented her for being brave enough to admit them, earning her affection. She became even more enamoured with him after he saved the junkyard from two burglars, becoming the new "King" of the Junkyard Dogs as a result.


  • The credits for the episode misread her as "Becky".