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Buddy is an American Eskimo Dog who appeared in "Rebel Without a Collar." He was voiced by Richard Lewis.


Buddy was skittish, wary, easily frightened, and a hypochondriac. However, he could be brave, as seen when he defended his hamster friend, Chubster, from Fang and the Coyotes.


Buddy was brought to Shelter 17 after getting lost from his family, the Morgensterns, who had been vacationing in a cabin near the desert. He initially thought the Pound was a prison, but was soon convinced otherwise. When he found out that the "dog" he shared the ride to the pound with was actually a coyote, he fainted. While the Pound Puppies looked for his family he was nearly adopted by a high school cheerleader who dressed him in a cheerleader sweater and put yellow bows on his ears. He whined to the Pound Puppies that while he didn't mind the sweater, he'd lost circlation to his ears from the bows.

When Buddy learned that Fang was to be his guide back to his family, he was not pleased, though they did find his humans' cabin, and Buddy actually thanked Fang for his help.

Later, when Fang and his pack came looking for the food in the cabin (and to eat the family hamster), Buddy stood up against them. Fortunately, Cookie managed to settle things peacefully, and Strudel commended Buddy for his courage.

Buddy on top of a cliff. Kinda.