Voiced by Jeff Bennett
Physical Information
Species Dog
Gender Male
Personal Information
Current Residence Suzanne D'Artista Residence
Family Spoons (adopted sister)

Suzanne D'Artista (owner)

First Appearance Hello Kitten

Bumper is a puppy that appeared in "Hello Kitten ".


Bumper is a tan and brown puppy. He first met Spoons on the street when they were younger. He became her adopted brother and they stayed together.

Bumper was later adopted without Spoons, which led to her being turned in to the Kennel Kittens. However, due to the Kennel Kittens being averse to mingling a dog with a cat, Spoons could not be housed with Bumper. Later, the Super Secret Pup Club would help bring Spoons and Bumper back together.

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