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Champ (minus his fur).

Champ, back when he had fur.

Champ is a hairless Saint Bernard who appeared in "Beauty is Only Fur Deep." He was voiced by Diedrich Bader.


Champ is a heroic rescue dog. The Pound Puppies were very eager for him to arrive at Shelter 17 because they had heard all about his heroic acts, but when he arrived, they found out that he was bald. Champ explained that he had lost all of his fur (and confidence) when he had an allergic reaction after eating a piece of gooseberry pie.

Squirt tried to solve the problem by giving Champ a toupee made out of fur scraps. It made him look ridiculous, but Champ thought it looked great and went back to being his old, overly confident and stuck-up self. So much so that he initially rejected his perfect person, Mia. However, he eventually realized that Mia was his person when he learned that she loved him despite not having any fur.