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Checkers was the perfect puppy for Julie Grubo. She appeared in "No Dogs Allowed", and is voiced by Kath Soucie.


Checkers was said to have the same personality traits as Julie: Pluckiness, a love of apartment living, and being secret fans of Swedish pop music.


Checkers was discovered to be Julie's perfect match by Strudel. She was then left outside Julie's apartment. Julie, who had allowed her dad to remove all the dogs from the apartments in an attempt to please the Pony Sisters Club (To which she hoped to join) found Checkers. She resisted at first, but soon fell for Checker's charms. Julie tried to hide Checkers, but the puppy was discovered by her dad, who intended to take her back to Shelter 17. Through the efforts of the Pound Puppies, Checkers and Julie were reunited, and the ban on dogs was lifted.