Chuckles , a Jack Russell Terrier, is an acrobatic circus dog who appeared in "Dog On A Wire". He was voiced by Tom Kenny.


Chuckles was left behind by the circus while he was chasing squirrels. He was eventually caught and taken to Shelter 17, where Lucky assigned Strudel to take him back to the circus. After she did so, Strudel witnessed the circus' greedy and mean-spirited ringmaster, Mr. Ringbinder threatening to cancel the act if Trixie, the dog act's leader, didn't improve the dogs' performance. When Strudel accidentally got in on the act and became a star, Mr. Ringbinder decided that Strudel would go on solo and that Chuckles and the rest of the circus dogs would be sold. Chuckles overheard this and, saddened, visited Strudel and encouraged her for her solo. However, he and two other dogs joined in when she got to nervous. After the show, Trixie and her dogs signed on with the much nicer ringleader of a different circus, who had agreed to let the dogs stay together. Chuckles is last seen saying good-bye to Strudel and thanking her for saving their act.

It is implied that Chuckles had a slight crush on Strudel, calling her "Stroodie-poo" and "Stroodie-pie".
Chuckles 2

His gang were Bumbles, Babette and three unnamed circus dogs.

He makes a very brief appearance in "I Heard the Barks on Christmas Eve." That appearance is when all of the past-adopted puppies run toward the Pound Puppies, and if you pause it right at the last moment before it clips, Chuckles appears on the left.


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