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Chucky Collins is a boy who adopted Boots in "It's Elementary My Dear Pup Club."

Chucky was voiced by Danny Cooksey.


Chucky is an artist and loves to draw. In the past, he had gotten in trouble for drawing pictures with permanent marker on white boards at his school, but has since reformed and is no longer a troublemaker, taking up art class in order to find an acceptable place for his art. Another task he has is to look after the art class rat, Mr. Biddlesworth, as a way of showing his mother he is able to look after a puppy.

According to the FKD, Chucky is "a unique sort with an eye for artistic expression." He was very excited to adopt Boots, but his mother wouldn't allow him to when he was accused of drawing pictures of teachers at school, however, the Pup club and Pepper helped clear his name, and he was then able to adopt Boots.

get Chucky thrown out of school. He drew on the science fair project.


  • He drew on their science fair project.