Pound Puppies 2010 Wiki
Voiced by Jeff Bennett
Physical Information
Species Human (Homo sapiens sapiens)
Gender Male
Personal Information
Occupation Fisherman
Family Pepita (daughter)
Suds (adoptee)
First Appearance Bone Voyage
Additional Appearances Salty (episode)
When Niblet Met Giblet
Doubles Trouble
Rebound's First Symphony
The Pupple's Court

Claudio is an Italian fisherman who first appeared in "Bone Voyage."


In "Bone Voyage", the Pound Puppies took his boat so they could get Rebound aboard a ship that Agatha McLeish was on. Claudio reported to authorities that his boat had been stolen by a bunch of dogs (one of which was wearing a captain's hat) but they did not believe him.

In "Salty", he was seen teaching his daughter Pepita how to fish on a dock while the Pound Puppies once again took his boat, this time to help Salty save Captain Pete and Suds. Afterwards, Pepita adopted Suds.

His next appearance was in "When Niblet Met Giblet", in which Niblet and Giblet took his kite, golf ball, and the meatball from his spaghetti.

Claudio's next appearance was in "Doubles Trouble", in which he showed his daughter how to buy sausage.

He made a brief appearance in "Rebound's First Symphony."

Claudio last appearance was in Niblet's flashbacks in "The Pupple's Court Red Discide To Kill

Claudio with a knife