Pound Puppies 2010 Wiki

Cookie's family consists of a mom, dad, and their two sons, 10 year old Johnny and 8 year old Donny. They are Cookie's owners, and as of "Mutternal Instincts," they also own Cupcake.

Mom is voiced by E.G. Daily.

Johnny is voiced by Cree Summer.

Donny is voiced by Alanna Ubach.


They are a mixed-race family. Mom is Caucasian, and Dad, Johnny, and Donny are African-American. They lead very busy lives, which gives Cookie time to sneak over to Shelter 17 for her Pound Puppy work. They were first seen in "Rebel Without a Collar", in which Cookie brought Johnny his books and Donny his lunchbox when they were getting ready for school.

They next appeared in "Mutternal Instincts", where Mom, thinking Cookie would be lonely when the family isn't around, adopts Cupcake to keep her company.

Their most recent appearance was in "I'm Ready for my Close Pup." Donny was seen playing with Cupcake early on, and it was seeing all of the family in the audience of "Pippy vs. Pooches" that snapped Cupcake out of her stardom-induced ego.



  • Donny seems to be Cupcake's perfect person, in that they are both adventurous, playful and fun-loving.