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Cuddlesworth P. Wigglebottom
Char 74188.jpg
Voiced by Ted Biaselli
Physical Information
Species Dog
Breed Chihuahua
Gender Male
Family Ralston (owner)
Madame Pickypuss (friend)
First Appearance The Prince and the Pupper
Additional Appearances The Ruff Ruff Bunch

Cuddlesworth P. Wigglebottom III is an aristocratic chihuahua who looks exactly like Squirt.

Cuddlesworth is voiced by Ted Biaselli, who was also vice president of programming for The Hub Network (now known as Discovery Family Channel).


Cuddlesworth first appeared in "The Prince and the Pupper," where he was brought to the pound, having run away from home due to growing tired of being stuck in his mansion, and hoping to join the Pound Puppies, whom he had heard of and greatly admired. Cuddlesworth met a dejected Squirt, and the two took advantage of their similar appearances, switching collars and training each other to behave like the other. Squirt was then taken to Cuddlesworth's mansion while Cuddlesworth joined the Pound Puppies on a mission. However, he and the Pound Puppies were confronted by Shakes the coyote and his gang. Fortunately, Squirt showed up with The Bone of a Thousand Chomps (found in Cuddlesworth's mansion) and gave it to the coyotes, satisfying them and saving his friends. He and Cuddlesworth then switched back to their own lives.

He reappeared in "The Ruff Ruff Bunch." He apparently ran away again and became head of the Ruff Ruff Bunch, a gang of rough street dogs and, through song, gets Rebound to join as well. Lucky and Squirt later met with Cuddlesworth's cat friend, Madame Pickypuss and learned that while the two were relaxing, Cuddlesworth offered her food and she called him a "pussycat" as a compliment, but Cuddlesworth was greatly offended and ran away. But when Cuddlesworth got trapped on a train heading for South America, he realized his mistake and made up with Pickypuss. The two of them, along with the Pound Puppies and the Super Secret Pup Club, then went to the groomers to get pampered.


Cuddlesworth looks exactly like Squirt, except for his collar and accent. He has a British accent, while Squirt has a New Jersey accent. His collar is brilliant blue with a golden circle dog tag with a "C" engraved on it. In "The Prince and the Pupper", it is studded with small golden circles. In "The Ruff Ruff Bunch," it is studded with light blue gems.


  • It is heavily implied that Cuddlesworth and Pickypuss are in a romantic relationship, especially in "The Ruff Ruff Bunch", where they call each other names like "darling" and "beloved."