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Dash Whippet
Dash Whippet.png
Voiced by Corey Burton
Physical Information
Species Dog (Canis lupus familiaris)
Breed Whippet
Gender Male
Personal Information
Affiliation Pound Puppies
Family Zippster, Kippster, and Tip-tip (granddaughters)
First Appearance "Barlow"
Additional Appearances "The Pupple's Court"

Dash Whippet is a Whippet and legendary member of the Pound Puppies network. He first appeared in the episode "Barlow." For family that we know of, he has three grand-daughters who were adopted by Barlow's human's daughter, Sally Mae. Dash is also known to be Lucky and Cookie's hero. He later made an appearance in "The Pupple's Court" as one of the judges (besides Agent Ping and Dolly) presiding over Lucky's case of alleged disregard of Pound Puppy rules.


  • Corey Burton is also the current voice of Disney's Captain Hook and Ludwig Von Drake. Burton has also voiced several safety spiels and ride characters for the Disneyland Resort.