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The Doggy Lama is a dog who appeared in "The Road to Empawerment." He was voiced by John DiMaggio.


Niblet took Axel, Stuffy, and Schleppy on a quest to find the Doggy Lama. Along the way, they faced various challenges and were guided by a mysterious stray who in the end, turned out to be the Doggy Lama himself.

He also clears up the false fact that Bony Doggins and he met, although The Doggy Lama has heard of Bony (though not in a pleasant way).


  • Although he ultimately identifies himself as the Doggy Lama, the episode's credits refer to him as "mysterious stray."
  • The Doggy Lama's name is a nod to the Dalai Lama, a Ruler in Tibet.