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Agent Francois.png
Voiced by Maurice LaMarche
Physical Information
Species Dog
Breed Basset Hound
Gender Male⚨
Personal Information
Occupation Finding Pups Homes
Affiliation The Pound Puppies
Current Residence France
First Appearance Mutternal Instincts

Fabio is a high ranking Pound Puppy agent from France.


Fabio is quite picky and snooty, and doesn't hold his fellow operatives in high regard, TJ especially.


Fabio first appeared in "Mutternal Instincts" as part of the "D7", a group of seven visiting Pound Puppies delegates from across France.

During the summit, Fabio complained about the water in his bowl, and bickered with Agent TJ, calling him an "ice-cream lover". He and the rest of the D7 were present when Pupcake fell into a dump truck, and soon after helped to save her. He likes to drink his water from a plastic dish with a pinch of dirt at the bottom "on natural".

His most recent appearance was in "Hail to the Chief", in which he attended Strudel's World-wide Order of an award ceremony.


Fabio is a male Basset Hound with fawn dark brown fur, a very short tail, a black beret, and a cyan collar with a blue Tower-shaped tag.


  • Fabio is played by Maurice LaMarche, who also voiced Balto in "Balto 1 and 2 (films)".