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Fang is an coyote who appeared in "Rebel Without a Collar." He was voiced by Luke Perry.


Fang is a male red coyote. He has a skinny torso, long legs, pointed ears, a long snout and at the end is his black nose, and a long tail. He has black eyes and his eyelids are dark gray, above his eyelids are eyebrows that are a darker grayish red fur. He is mainly covered in shaggy grayish red fur. He has light gray fur under his stomach that begins at his nose in a wave across his jaw then curves down his neck then ends a little bit before his tail. His tail is long and bushy with a light gray tip. In the inside of his ears are grayish pink. He also has sharp white fangs.


Fang was surly, slightly selfish, calm, yet quite vicious. Being an alpha male, he was used to getting his way, so he was impressed when Cookie talked tough to him. He had a strong disdain for dogs, though he would make an exception for Cookie. He also seemed to grow fond of Buddy; When the little dog tried to protect his hamster friend from being eaten, Fang couldn't bring himself to attack, instead trying to talk him down.


Fang was brought to Shelter 17, having been mistaken for a dog due to being caked with mud at the time. He was first seen while Olaf was walking him and Buddy to the kennels. After releasing Buddy into the kennel, Olaf told Fang it was his turn, commenting on how cute he was. Fang snarled and tried to bite Olaf's hand, then viciously snarled at him again before walking in, terrifying the human. Although surly at first, he took a liking to Cookie after she gave him a talking-to, having never been spoken to like that before. After taking a bath, Fang was revealed to be a coyote, which Lucky did not like.

Undeterred by this revelation, Cookie helped Fang to recover from a paw injury, with the two growing closer. Cookie convinced Fang to help bring

Fang and Cookie.png

Buddy to his home, and during the course of their journey, he and Cookie fell in love, with Cookie deciding to join him in the wild afterwards.

However, after Fang led his pack in trying to steal food from Buddy's family, Cookie decided to return to her home. Fang accepted her decision, promising that his pack would leave the house alone. He also told her to look him up if she was ever in the mood to howl at the moon.

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