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The pack: (L-R) Claw, Scar, Weasel, and Tony.

Fang's pack are a quartet of Coyotes who appeared in "Rebel Without a Collar." They consist of Scar (the second-in-command), Claw, Weasel and Tony.

Scar and Weasel were voiced by Clifton Collins, Jr., and Tony was voiced by John DiMaggio.


They were first seen confronting the Pound Puppies about the whereabouts of Fang. When they finally found Fang, they were dismayed to find he had fallen in love with Cookie, and wanted to add her to the pack.

When Fang led them to the cabin of Buddy's owners, they intended to eat all the food, only for Cookie and Buddy to stand in their way. When Cookie's friends arrived, Scar insisted they take them all out, but Fang, after a talking to from Cookie, ordered them to leave the cabin alone.