Pound Puppies 2010 Wiki
Voiced by Ellen Greene
Physical Information
Species Human (Homo sapiens sapiens)
Gender Female
Personal Information
Occupation Librarian
Affiliation The City
Family Kiki (adoptee)
Olaf (love interest)
First Appearance Olaf in Love
Additional Appearances Good Dog, McLeish!

Gertrude P. Washburn is a local Librarian. She is currently the girlfriend of Olaf and the owner of Kiki.


Gertrude first appeared in "Olaf in Love." She came to Shelter 17 looking for a puppy to adopt. She met Olaf, mistaking him for Mr. McLeish. The two were attracted to each other, but didn't act on those feelings. Gertrude soon left, having adopted Kiki.

Gertrude returned the next day, saying that Kiki was not at all happy with her. At Kiki's urging, the Pound Puppies secretly pushed Olaf into asking Gertrude out via a phony radio show. Unfortunately, their over-the-airways prompting made Olaf seem like a jerk, and Gertrude stormed out, intending to accept a job offer several miles away in Springdale. When Olaf came to convince her otherwise, she was revealed to have stayed. She and Olaf reunited, kissed, and embraced Kiki together.

Gertrude later made a brief appearance at the beginning of "Good Dog, McLeish!", and had a cameo in a crowd (along with Kiki) in "Squawk."