Hail to the Chief
Season 3, Episode 14
Air date August 17, 2013
Written by Sib Ventress
Directed by Greg Sullivan & Tim Stuby
Storyboard by Emmett Hall and Cory Toomey
Featured Puppies Strudel, Agent Ping, Chief
Adoptee Chief
Adopter Trudy and Isabelle
Episode Guide
"The Watchdogs"
"All Bark and Little Bite"

Hail to the Chief is the fourteenth episode of season 3, and the fifty-third episode overall. It first aired August 17th, 2013 in the US.

Agent Ping challenges Strudel to find the perfect home for rambunctious pup Chief. Strudel eagerly accepts until she finds out that Chief's perfect home is with the President's daughters


Starring the Voices of

Guest Starring the Voices of


Niblet: Oh, random puppy dog I just found, you sure are a lot of fun!
Chief: I'm not random, my name is Chief. My mom says I'm a natural born leader. I'm what you call a self-made pup!
Niblet: You made yourself? Gee, I don't know that much about science, but that sounds really painful.


  • After telling Lucky about Abraham Lincoln's fire hydrant, Niblet says "The More You Know..." followed by a glowing dog tag that zooms into the screen like a shooting star.
  • Apparently Niblet doesn't understand what the President of The United States is; Squirt told him the president "runs the country," but Niblet didn't understand that, so Cookie told him "What Squirt means is that he's in charge, like Lucky." This leads Niblet to believe that the President was a dog.
  • President Bigman is inspired and based on Barack Obama.
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