Hello Kitten
Season 3, Episode 11
Spoons and suzie
Air date August 3, 2013
Written by Story by:
Eric Shaw

Teleplay by:
Tony Infante

Directed by Jos Humphrey
Storyboard by Alex Greychuck and Sherann Johnson
Featured Puppies Rebound, Cupcake, Patches, Spoons
Adoptee Spoons
Adopter Suzanne
Episode Guide
"Once a Ralph, Always a Ralph"
"Beauty is Only Fur Deep"

Hello Kitten is the eleventh episode of season 3, and the fiftieth episode overall. It first aired August 3rd, 2013 in the US.

The Super Secret Pup Club take an adoption mission from the Kennel Kittens.


Starring the Voices of

Guest Starring the Voices of


Teensy: (Refering to Rebound) Are all you Dogs like this? Because it's very overwhelming.
Patches: Naw, She just does this when she gets excited...or happy...or confused...or bored. Okay Yeah, She's always like this. But that's just her.

Spoons: When I was just a little kitten, I didn't have anywhere to stay. Then I bumped into Bumper. He was a puppy, and didn't have anyone either. So we became each other's family. I loved him and he loved me!

Rebound: And besides, how can it be wrong for you to be with Suzanne and Bumper if you know in your heart that it's so right? You should never give up on your dream.

Patches: Alright, so what's your deal? How come you were so determined to keep Spoons from being with a dog?
Ace: Believe it or not, when I was a kitten, my best friend was a puppy. But then he left me to be with his perfect person. Just like that. It broke my heart. And I guess it left me wary of dogs. But now, I don't know. Maybe I should try and find that pup so I can hear his side of the story. After all, you dogs-well, some of you, anyway--you're not half bad.
Patches: Same goes for you cats.


  • This episode is included on the Pound Puppies: A Perfect Match DVD.
  • This episode reveals that Ace was completely overconfident that dogs were bad until he nearly got Spoons hurt.


  • The title of this episode is a reference to the character Hello Kitty.


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