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Izzy Wyszikowski is an 8-year old ballerina girl who adopted Lucky In "Buddle-up Lucky"

Izzy was voiced by Cree Summer.


Even though Izzy is a ballerina, she also also likes to draw and get clean, which was why the FKD picked her as Lucky's perfect person. Though at first, the Pound Puppies thought that it was a mistake, since Izzy did never looked like a nice and stumble type. Lucky rejected her, thinking she was too handy, and Izzy left in dismay.

Later on, after Lucky had fallen into the possession of a reckless boy named Henry, Cookie brought Izzy to him. Izzy saved Lucky from falling off a bridge, messing her tutu in the process which her mother cleaned Up. Lucky realized that Izzy really was her perfect person, and finally accepted her.


Izzy is a natural brunette who has fair skin. Izzy wears in a bun and a pink ballet outfit.