Izzy Wyszikowski is an 8-year old ballerina girl who adopted Lucky In Buddle-up Lucky

Izzy was voiced by Cree Summer.


Even though Izzy is a ballerina, she also also likes To Draw and get clean, which was why the FKD picked her as Lucky's perfect person. Though at first, the Pound Puppies thought that it was a mistake, since Izzy did not look like the nice and tumble type. Lucky rejected her, thinking she was too "Handy, and Izzy left in dismay.

Later on, after Lucky had fallen into the possession of a reckless boy named Henry, Cookie brought Izzy to him. Izzy saved Lucky from falling off a bridge, dirtying her tutu in the process which her mother cleaned Up. Lucky realised that Izzy really was her perfect person, and finally accepted her.

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