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Jean Luc's dogs (Sven is in front, Gwen is to his side).

Jean Luc Glaciaire's dogs are a group of huskies who pull Jean Luc's sled. They appear in "Snow Problem," though there are only two whose names are known: Sven (Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) and Gwen (Pamela Adlon).


Tundra had watched their exploits on television, and longed to join them, convincing the Pound Puppies to help him form a sledding team. When Tundra finally met Jean Luc's dogs, he was dismayed to find them acting unpleasant and mean. The sled race became a bitter competition between Jean Luc's dogs and Tundra. When an accident caused Sven to fall off a cliff, Tundra helped to save him. Jean Luc rewarded the puppy by adopting him, and Sven admitted that he had been a "bad dog," and pledged to change. In the episode Sven told Tundra to try and not get snow in his eyes, but then he kicks snow into his eyes. When Lucky takes Tundra's place as lead dog, he tricks Sven into crashing into a snow bank, and Jean Luc tells him to "keep his eyes" on the trail.