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Milton Feltwaddle
Milton Feltwadle.png
Voiced by Jim Parsons
Physical Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Personal Information
Occupation Interpreter (presumably terminated)
Head Dogcatcher of Shelter 17 (terminated)
Affiliation Poochishita Incorporated
Shelter 17 (the City)
First Appearance Toyoshiko! Bark Friend Machine
Additional Appearances McLeish Unleashed

Milton Feltwaddle is an unscrupulous businessman who appeared in Toyoshiko! Bark Friend Machine and McLeish Unleashed.


Feltwaddle is pompous and arrogant. He believes that his way of doing things is the best way, and reacts angrily when someone calls his ideas "dopey". He's also rude and mean to both humans and also to puppies by stepping on their playthings.


Feltwaddle first appeared in "Toyoshiko! Bark Friend Machine" as an interpreter for Poochishita Incorporated, bringing a robot dog named Toyoshiko to Shelter 17. He had secretly placed a recording device in Toyoshiko, using her to spy on McLeish and discover his "secrets." His plans were foiled when Toyoshiko wiped her own memory, and he was later fired. The Pound Puppies were unaware that Toyoshiko came from Feltwaddle and they didn't know that Feltwaddle was using the robot dog to spy on McLeish so he can learn the secrets of McLeish's (actually the Pound Puppies') success, so Feltwaddle could improve his career.

After stomping off, he wasn't seen again until "McLeish Unleashed". After apparently either quitting or being fired from Poochishita, Mayor Jerry hired him as a replacement to McLeish as "Head Dogcatcher" of Shelter 17 after McLeish was promoted. Feltwaddle returned to Shelter 17. He turned the Shelter into something resembling a prison and instituted a new adoption creed, namely that the dogs could only be adopted by people who looked like them. His plan wasn't working for the people and the dogs because the people and dogs were not bonding. His plans were foiled when his adoption machine was sabotaged by the Kennel Kittens, and he was fired by the Mayor and replaced by the returning McLeish. Feltwaddle angrily declared that they had not seen the last of him, only to fall into a sewer.