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Mr. Grubo with his daughter and Checkers

Mr. Grubo is an apartment building landlord who appeared in "No Dogs Matter". His daughter Julia adopted Checkers. He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.


Mr. Grubo had issued a ban on dogs for his apartment building so his daughter would have a chance to be accepted into the "Pony Sisters Club", so she would have friends (Even though, by banning dogs from his building, Mr. Grubo was basically doing the opposite of helping his daughter make friends, since the other kids would (and did) associate her with losing their beloved puppies). He himself is a pony fanatic, having been a member of the "Pony Boys Club" in his youth, and has many pony collectibles in his apartment.

After Julie proves that she cares more for her new-found puppy, Checkers, then being in the Pony Sisters (Having thought she would be kicked out just for having a dog), Grubo apologizes for his actions and repeals the ban on dogs.


His first name is unknown.