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Mr. Julius
Mr. Julius.png
Voiced by George Takei
Physical Information
Species Human (Homo sapiens sapiens)
Gender Male
Personal Information
Occupation Dog Trainer (terminated)
Dog Groomer
First Appearance My Fair Rebound
Additional Appearances The Ruff Ruff Bunch
Hail to the Chief

Mr. Julius is a famous dog trainer who first appeared in "My Fair Rebound."


In "My Fair Rebound," he attempted to train Rebound for the Northminster Dog Show. Some of his severe training techniques included his "gaze of command." His number one training secret was; "a dog is not a friend, a dog is a four-legged employee who works for kibbles and the occasional chew toy."

In "The Ruff Ruff Bunch," he was seen with a new job working in a canine beauty salon. He used a new name, Monsieur Mitch, but was identified as "Mr. Julius" by a customer. He had been blamed for the chaos that erupted at the Northminster Dog Show, so he lost all of his clients and had to start a new business.

His most recent appearance was a silent cameo in "Hail to the Chief", in which he was hoping to get into The White House with a dog for the president's daughters.