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Mr. Nut Nut
Voiced by Alanna Ubach
Physical Information
Species Squirrel
Gender Male
Personal Information
Affiliation Pound Puppies
Current Residence Shelter 17
Family Strudel (adopter)
First Appearance The Yipper Caper
Additional Appearances Primary Character (most episodes)

Mr. Nut Nut is one of Strudel's squirrel assistants at Shelter 17.


Nut Nut loves to work. Most of the time, Strudel treats him with some new task or role.

Hub Network Description[]

As awesome as the dogs are, they don't have the nimble hands of a squirrel.  If a caper requires dexterity, then Lucky and team turn to Mr. Nut Nut and his squirrel buddies. Strudel manages the squirrels, who help her build her gadgets.  Weirdly, the squirrels and dogs seem to understand each other, even though they don't speak the same language.


Nut Nut's history is recounted in "The Call of the Squirreldog"; He was brought to Shelter 17 in the same basket as his adopted "siblings"- Spotty, Nougat and Gizmo. Spotty told the Pound Puppies that Nut Nut had fallen out of a tree and into their basket one day, and that their mother had taken him in. Due to his upbringing, Mr. Nut Nut was totally convinced that he was a dog rather then a squirrel.

When Nut Nut's "brothers and sister" were all adopted and he wasn't, the squirreldog was heartbroken. After several failed attempts, Strudel finally managed to convince Nut Nut that he really was a squirrel after he caught a falling lit blow torch that was about to hit her.

After Nut Nut left for the wild, Strudel, who had come to care for the young squirrel, came back for him a few days later, but was pinned under a tree that had been struck by lightning. Fortunately, Nut Nut came across and freed Strudel. Strudel then asked Nut Nut to return to Shelter 17 with her, and serve as her technical support. Nut Nut agreed, and brought along several other squirrels with him (including Sparky). It's said that Strudel is what can be considered Mr. Nut Nut's 'Perfect Person'.

In "Lucky Has to Move", Mr. Nut Nut gave Lucky a going-away present of an acorn-shaped dog tag.


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