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Olaf Hugglesbjork
Voiced by M. Emmet Walsh
Physical Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Personal Information
Occupation Assistant dogcatcher at Shelter 17
Affiliation The City
Family Gertrude (girlfriend)
First Appearance The Yipper Caper
Additional Appearances Primary Character (most episodes, most noticeably Olaf in Love)

Olaf Hugglesbjork is the animal control officer of Shelter 17. He isn't the smartest tool in the pound, which makes it easier for Lucky and pals to get their adoptions done quicker (even though they've had some close calls). However, he is very compassionate, helpful and friendly. He assists Leonard McLeish in office work as well.

He is currently dating Gertrude, the Librarian (as seen in "Olaf in Love").

Hub Network Description[]

Olaf loves all of the dogs at Shelter 17 and wants to get them adopted -- but he just can't figure out how. The kindly, but bumbling assistant dog catcher likes to avoid trouble, but that's not always easy, thanks to his boss, McLeish. Olaf doesn’t always understand what's going on, but he knows right from wrong. The dogs like this guy, but they still never talk in front of him.


He is bumbling and eccentric, but kind, compassionate, helpful and friendly.



  • He could be Scandinavian, since Olaf is a given name for Nordic males.