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Peewee is a dog who briefly appeared in "The Really Weird Dog." He is an old friend of Squirt, and, like him, is a member of the Pound Puppies. Peewee was voiced by John DiMaggio.


Squirt had been told by his friend Red that Peewee had been eaten by an alligator years ago while visiting a zoo. (Red was reportedly six inches from Peewee at the time). This story was one of the reasons why Squirt did not trust Rover, (and later became convinced that Rover was the actual alligator who had eaten Peewee). However, Squirt found out that Peewee was alive and well when he spoke with him on the Dog-Com 250. Peewee revealed that he had not eaten by an alligator, but had gotten caught by a dogcatcher on the way to the zoo; Red had just made up a crazy story. Upon hearing this, Squirt went to Rover's rescue.