Voiced by Jennifer Carpenter
Physical Information
Species Dog (Canis lupus familiaris)
Breed Mutt
Gender Female
Personal Information
Occupation Police Dog (in Training)
Affiliation Pound Puppies
Family Charlie (adopter)
Lieutenant Rock (adopter's father)
First Appearance The K9 Kid
Additional Appearances I Heard the Barks on Christmas Eve

It's Elementary My Dear Pup Club

Pepper is a mutt puppy who first appeared in "The K9 Kid."


Through that her exact breed is unknown, she appears to be a mutt.

Pepper wanted more then anything to be a police dog. When she arrived at Shelter 17, she quickly gained the help of the Pound Puppies in achieving her dream. After being turned away from the academy by Sarge, Pepper sought to prove herself at the upcoming police dog expo. During her training, she saw what she thought was a crime in progress, but it turned out to be the police Lieutenant's son, Charlie.

Depressed over getting an innocent boy in trouble, Pepper questioned whether she had what it took to be a police dog. She then met Charlie again, and helped him to capture some bike thieves. She was then adopted by Charlie, with both the Lieutenant and Sarge saying she would make a great police dog one day.

Pepper later made an appearance in "I Heard the Barks on Christmas Eve," alongside other pups whom the Pound Puppies had helped find owners.

Pepper's most recent appearance was in "It's Elementary My Dear Pup Club", in which she helped the pup club clear the name of a boy named Chucky who was accused of being a troublemaker at his school. During this episode, she is shown to be more mature than her fellow puppies and is a lot more serious, showing she has had a lot of experience thanks to the training from Sarge and her owners.


Pepper is the only puppy, besides Rebound, to appear in all three seasons.

Some people in fandom believed many years ago that she was an LGBT character due to a leaked article saying so. But this was denied later by the producers of the show.


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