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Percy is a British boy who temporarily adopted Buttercup in "Cuddle Up Buttercup" because the toy store was sold out of the Cuddleup Buttercup toys. Percy was voiced by Lucas Grabeel.


Percy is a British boy who came to the pound dressed as a cowboy Buttercup thought he was a rough and tumble kid when really he was just rehearsing for a play where he plays "Cowboy Clint". Lucky, Cookie and Strudel went to Percy's house after he adopted Buttercup because he wasn't Buttercup's perfect match but Lucky who leaped in through Percy's bedroom window had to pose as a stuffed animal who Percy named "Sir Stinky Snout". To get Buttercup out Cookie, Niblet and Squirt went to a toy store and bought a "Cuddleup Buttercup" toy to switch for the real one. Once Cookie made the switch Buttercup and Cookie got out but Percy spotted "Sir Stinky Snout" by the window, to get free Lucky barked at him then jumped out the window. Percy thought he'd sprung to life and told the stuffed Buttercup to sooth him, not noticing that it was a toy and remarked that she was awfully quiet.