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Poof is a Maltese who first appeared in "The Ruff Ruff Bunch". He was played by Kyle Breitkopf.

Gender: Male⚨


Poof met Rebound at the groomers' and told her about the Ruff Ruff Bunch. When Rebound expressed interest in joining, he and Fifi put her through a series of challenges to see if she was worthy to join. Once she passed all of them she got to meet Mr. Ruff Ruff, who turned out to be Cuddlesworth. When Rebound brought Pupcake and Patches, Cuddlesworth tried to take them all to Brazil on a plane. Yet only Poof, Fifi, and Rebound got on for fear of being called pussycats. But Rebound managed to get the driver to stop the train, and they all take a shower and Poof definitely returned to his rich owner.