Pound Puppies


"A pup for every person, and a person for every pup."


General Dolly


To find puppies homes.


Worldwide (presumably centered in the US)


London (seen through videochat, only referred to as "Headquarters")


Doghouse Tag

Known Branches

Shelter 17 (United States); Shelter 55 (US);Shelter 44; Shelter 83; Shelter 39; Shelter 23; Shelter 65; Pound 000 (US), Pound 13 (US); Shelter 52 (US); Shelter 74 (US); Shanghai, China; Royal Canadian Pound Puppies; France; England; Russia; Kenya

Notable Members

Agent Lucky, Cookie, Squirt, Niblet, Strudel, the Super Secret Pup Club (Rebound, Cupcake, and Patches), Dolly, Agent Ping, Agent Todd, Agent François, Dash Whippet

First Appearance

The Yipper Caper

The Pound Puppies is an international organization devoted to finding dogs their perfect owners. They rely on their motto, "A pup for every person, and a person for every pup". Although the facility is filled with advanced equipment and is often shown bustling with activity, it consistently manages to avoid detection by the pound's human staff.


In "The Yipper Caper," the tituliar character is brought into Shelter 17 and become the first puppy on the show to be adopted. He initially thought that the Pound Puppies were a myth, an idea which is never brought up by any other puppy (most dogs are either completely unaware of the existence of the organization, vaguely aware of them but knowledgeable enough to know that they exist, or completely aware of their existence).

"Catcalls" reveals the existence of a mirror organization similar to the Pound Puppies, but with cats finding kittens their perfect homes, the Kennel Kittens.

Lucky states that the Pound Puppies are an international organization in "Homeward Pound." In the same episode, a Shanghai branch and a Canadian branch (known formally as the "Royal Canadian Pound Puppies") make appearances.

Agent Ping of China and Agent Todd of Canada from "Homeward Pound" reappear to attend the D7 being held at Shelter 17 in Mutternal Instincts. Also attending the event is Top Dog in-Chief General Dolly, Agent François of France, Agent Bingo of Britain and two unnamed dogs from Russia and Kenya.

In "The Super Secret Pup Club," after being told that they are "too young" to help get puppies adopted, Rebound and Cupcake join Patches to create the "Super Secret Pup Club", a group Patches describes as being "Like the Pound Puppies, but run by actual puppies." Eventually, the club members officially joined the Pound Puppies, although they still refer to themselves as the "Super Secret Pup Club".

In "The Pups Who Loved Me", British Pound Puppy agent Bondo pays a visit to Shelter 17.

Shelter 17 Branch

Main article: Shelter 17

The show mainly revolves around one branch of the organization: Shelter 17. Led by Agent Lucky, the branch is said to have one of the best adoption rates in the world.

Known Members

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