Pound Puppies Theme
The Hub TV Network - Pound Puppies (2010 TV Series) Intro

The Hub TV Network - Pound Puppies (2010 TV Series) Intro

Composer Jonathan Evans (for Spaceman Music)
Sung by A Pack of Dogs
From Beginning of every episode
Duration 0:30

The Pound Puppies Theme is the instrumental song that plays at the beginning of every episode of Pound Puppies.


None: the song is an instrumental. Military style dog barks provide the first few notes of percussion.


The Pound Puppies theme has some similarities with the Disney's Recess theme, a show that the co-creators of Pound Puppies, Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere, previously created. In turn, the Recess theme was based off the Hogan's Heroes theme, a 60s sitcom based in a German prisoner-of-war camp, which this show takes inspiration from. Going further, the Hogan's Heroes theme was based off of the theme from the movie The Great Escape. A flute or similar woodwind instrument provides the main melody, with a drum providing percussion both during and after the introductory barks.

The title sequence was storyboarded by Michelle Tessier and Thy Than, who first boarded it for The Yipper Caper and continue to receive credit for current episodes, even after the animation was redone.


9 Story Entertainment Intro

The first intro used for Pound Puppies was animated by 9 Story Entertainment and used for all of season one, even the episodes produced by DHX Media/Vancouver.

Season 1: 9 Story Entertainment Era (episodes 1-7)

The intro starts with a close-up of the Shelter 17 sign, a blue silhouette of a boxer. The camera zooms out to reveal Catchem's animal control truck driving into Shelter 17, where McLeish and Olaf are waiting. The two open the back door to the truck and are surprised to find thirteen puppies waiting. The puppies jump out of the truck and the camera pans to one of the kennels, where Lucky signals Squirt to unscrew a fire hydrant. The resulting geyser distracts McLeish and Olaf, allowing the dogs to throw a dog bone attached to a fishing line that retracts into Shelter 17's underground headquarters. Lucky watches as the pups run into one of the entrance tunnels.

Underground, Cookie gets the chaotic puppies in order by growling at them, and motions them to follow the bone, which is pulled behind her. The scene wipes to the group of pups waiting. Niblet appears and picks up one of the puppies to join two of the other pups in a bathtub, where Mr. Nut Nut is giving them a bath. The scene changes again to show Strudel watching a squirrel look for one of the puppy's perfect person on the Free Kid Database. The scene changes. Lucky appears again and watches as Sparky gives one of the puppies a Pound Puppies dog tag. On the surface, all of the puppies, now wearing Pound Puppy tags, are united with their perfect persons. The scene wipes for the last time, revealing from left to right: Squirt, Niblet, Lucky, Cookie and Strudel waiting as one of the puppies runs over with the Pound Puppies logo on two strings, the bone in his jaws. As the puppy runs off-screen, Squirt, Strudel and Niblet knock over the front of the logo to reveal the Executive Producers' names: Wendy Moss Klein, Nancy Steingard, Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere on a purple background, the former two using their snouts and Niblet using his paws. The five stare at the camera as the "EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS" title fades into "DEVELOPED FOR TELEVISION BY" title, who are the same as the executive producers.

Season 1: DHX Media/Vancouver Era (episodes 8-26)

The USPS Mailbox

The USPS logo on the mailbox.

The intro for season one episodes from DHX Media Vancouver is virtually unchanged from the intro for the 9 Story Entertainment episodes. The main difference is that the Shelter 17 sign shows the silhouette of Lucky rather than a boxer. The sign is also changed within the show. Also, the USPS logo appears on the mailbox in front of Shelter 17 (the logo is once again removed for season two's intro).

DHX Media/Vancouver Intro

Season 2

The Hub's Pound Puppies- Season 2 Intro

The Hub's Pound Puppies- Season 2 Intro

The Season Two Intro

For season two, DHX Media Vancouver completely redid the intro. Although the song is unchanged, the animation style of 9 Story Entertainment (no outlines, choppy movement) is replaced with DHX Media/Vancouver's animation style (outlines that are a darker shade of the character's color, much smoother movements) that has been used since they took over the show starting with My Fair Rebound. Movement is more prevalent and subtle than in the old intro. For example, when Catchem's truck is driving into Shelter 17, the camera slightly pans with it rather than staying completely stable. Possibly the most notable change is that the Super Secret Pup Club replace Sparky in giving the new puppies dog tags and appear in the title card, which now fades instead of knocking over to avoid crushing the SSPC and does not name Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere as executive producers (although it still has them under the "DEVELOPED FOR TELEVISION BY" title). Several strange inconsistencies are fixed in the new intro. For a complete list of changes, see below.
Full List of Differences
Season One Season Two
Choppy movements and no outlines, characteristic of the 9 Story episodes. Much smoother, more prevalent and subtle movements; outlines are darker shades of the character's fur color, characteristic of the DHX Media episodes. Several backgrounds are different.
When the screen wipes, the edges are cleanly cut from one frame to another. If you pause a scene when it changes, you can see half of the previous scene and half of the next one. When the screen wipes, the scene is blurred. If you pause a scene when it changes, you see a blurred screen.
The camera stays still as Catchem's truck rolls into Shelter 17 The camera pans slightly.
The gate into Shelter 17 stays shut as the truck rolls in. This makes it seem as if the truck runs into the gate. When Olaf and McLeish open the truck, the gate behind them is still shown as shut. The gate opens as Catchem's truck rolls in. The scene with Olaf and McLeish shows the gate as open. Also, the background is different.
The mailbox has a USPS logo on it. The mailbox has no logo.
Thirteen (relatively generic) puppies jump out of the truck. Ten different, more unique puppies jump out of the truck. Several of the pups are actually from previous episodes, such as Shaggles, Ginger and Chip.
Lucky faces the right as he signals Squirt to unscrew the fire hydrant. Lucky faces the left as he signals Squirt.
The bone the puppies chase is an off-white yellow. The bone is a pure white.
Cookie jumps onscreen to scare the puppies. She then gestures them into the headquarters (the paw overlaps with a puppy's head). Cookie calmly walks onscreen to scare the puppies. When she gestures the pups, she pets one of them in the process.
The puppies waiting for a bath are grouped together in one crowd. Three of the puppies waiting for a bath are grouped in the foreground while four of the pups are in pairs in the background.
The shower-head is orange. The shower brush is pink. The shower-head is grey and we can see a tank on a stool. The shower brush is green. The bottle of shampoo from the first intro is missing, as is the table it was on. Mr. Nut Nut now stands on a stool.
The FKD consists of a cartoon-ish monitor and keyboard attached to exposed computer chips. A claw machine can be seen in the background. The FKD consists of a more realistic computer with hidden computer chips. A telephone and tuba are seen connected to it.
Sparky takes dog tags out of a box and attaches them to the puppy's collar with his hands/paws. Cupcake hands dogs tags from a pile behind her to Patches, who tosses them at Rebound. She attaches them to the puppy's collar with her mouth. The puppy's eyes shine when he receives the tag.
One of the generic puppies from earlier drags the logo into position and runs off-screen with the bone. The logo abruptly stops when it is put into place. Rebound drags the logo into place and tosses the bone off-screen, with the rest of the Super Secret Pup Club behind her as she runs around in circles. The logo settles into place.
Squirt, Niblet and Strudel knock down the front of the logo. The "Pound Puppies" part of the logo fades instead of being knocked down, to avoid crushing the SSPC.
The names under "EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS" are, in this order: Wendy Moss Klein, Nancy Steingard, Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere. "EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS" fades out and "DEVELOPED FOR TELEVISION BY" fades in its place, with the exact same names as before. The names under "EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS" are, in this order: Wendy Moss Klein and Nancy Steingard. When "EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS" fades out and "DEVELOPED FOR TELEVISION BY" fades in, Klein's and Steingard's names fade out with it and "WENDY MOSS KLEIN, NANCY STEINGARD, PAUL GERMAIN, JOE ANSOLABEHERE" fade in with it. This is because Paul and Joe left the show after season one

Season 3

Season three's intro is nearly unchanged from season two's. The only difference is that the title card at the end lists Bart Jennett as executive producer, replacing Wendy Moss Klein and Nancy Steingard. Also, the "Executive Producer" credit shows up first, rather than the "Developed for Television by" credit.

Closing Theme

The closing theme is the same as the opening theme, but set to a deeper key (and instrument) and is richer, featuring more instruments. It puts the military barking in the middle of the song, instead of at the beginning, making it more resemble the Recess theme, which had percussion both at the beginning and the middle of the theme.

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