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President Bigman
President Bigman.PNG
Voiced by Phil LaMarr
Physical Information
Species Human
Breed African American
Gender Male
Personal Information
Occupation President of the United States
Affiliation Executive Branch, Federal Government
Current Residence 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington D.C.
Family Trudy and Isabelle (daughters)
First Appearance Hail to the Chief

President Bigman is the president of the United States. His two daughters Trudy and Isabelle adopted Chief.


When President Bigman found out that dogs had broken into the White House, he recognized their dog tags, and allowed his daughters to adopt Chief. He then took Lucky, Strudel, Niblet, and Agent Ping into the oval office, and told them that when he was a boy, dogs with their same tags had brought him a puppy, and even though he wasn't sure if they understood, he told them that their secret was safe with him.

Right after he finshed talking to the Pound Puppies, one of the girls yelled at Chief from another room over his going to the bathroom on an old rug. President Bigman excused himself to wash the rug.

His mannerisms are similar to those of the 44th President Barack Obama, who was the current President at the time of the airing of Hail to the Chief.