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Ralston is a butler and the owner of Cuddlesworth and Madame Pickypuss. He speaks with a British accent. He is voiced by Charles Shaughnessy.


Ralston makes his first appearance in "The Prince and the Pupper" when he arrives in a limousine at Shelter 17 after Leonard McLeish called him to come get Cuddlesworth after writing down the information from the dog's tag. However, before he showed up, Cuddlesworth and Squirt had agreed to switch places and it was Squirt that got taken away, while the real Cuddlesworth stayed behind at the pound, impersonating Squirt. While under the care of the butler, Squirt was fed gourmet meals, and it was revealed that The Bone of a Thousand Chomps was actually there at the mansion, the one the chipmunks gave Squirt was a fake. Later, when Madame Pickypuss realizes that Squirt is an impostor, she helps him escape with the bone, which he takes to the coyotes guarding the "No Dog Zone." That's also where he switches back with Cuddlesworth. Ralston finally tracks the dog down and takes the real Cuddlesworth, happy to have reunited with him, claiming, "You've been acting like a common street dog." 

Ralston makes another appearance in "The Ruff Ruff Bunch" returning to Shelter 17, showing McLeish a photo and frantically asking if he's seen Cuddlesworth. When McLeish sarcastically says he spent time with him, Ralston believes him, until McLeish states he made that up to make the butler sad. Ralston in desperation yells, "Oh, Cuddlesworth, where are you?!" He cries, jumps back in his limousine, and speeds away.