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Randal Tudenson is a sci-fi geek who appeared in "Zoltron." He was played by John DiMaggio.


Randal was first seen at a sci-fi con, where he believed Olaf's claims of an alien puppy. Randal was eager to meet the alien, since he had always dreamed of finding someone to share his life in his own "cold corner of the universe." Randal succeeded in capturing Zoltron in the alley next to Shelter 17, and proceeded to drive him home, eager to begin a new life with the alien puppy watching "Star Voyage Deep Space 80" in "the auto-pod" (his mom's old garage). However, Lucky and the gang tricked him into stopping and rescued Zoltron. At first, Randal was sad and upset that Zoltron had gone missing, but Lucky was sympathetic to Randal's loneliness and left him an eccentric girl puppy (wearing Zoltron's antennas). Randal was delighted to find this new puppy and took her home.


  • Randal is often seen doing the same hand gesture as Spock from Star Trek.