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Voiced by Brooke Goldner
Physical Information
Species Dog (Canis lupus familiaris)
Breed Sheepdog
Gender Female♀
Personal Information
Occupation Finding Pups Homes
Affiliation Super Secret Pup Club (unofficial branch of the Pound Puppies)
Current Residence Agatha McLeish's Mansion
Family Agatha McLeish (owner)

Niblet (big brother)

First Appearance Rebound (episode)
Additional Appearances The Prince and the Pupper
My Fair Rebound
Bone Voyage
The Fraud Princess
The Super Secret Pup Club
The Ruff Ruff Bunch
The Accidental Pup Star
I Heard the Barks on Christmas Eve
Pound Preemies
The Pups Who Loved Me
It's Elementary My Dear Pup Club
I'm Ready for my Close Pup
Hello Kitten
All Bark and Little Bite
Rebound's First Symphony
Lord of the Fleas
The Pupple's Court

Rebound is Niblet's little sister from another litter. She got her name because whenever someone adopted her, she would always come back. That is, until Agatha McLeish (Leonard McLeish's mother) adopted her. Now Agatha is Rebound's permanent owner.


Rebound is a hyperactive, talkative, energetic, happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic, wacky, animated, playful, cute, zany, fun-loving, cheerful, tough, athletic, cheerful, sometimes absent-minded and naive puppy. Like most dogs, she is greatly loyal to her owner, doing anything she can to please Agatha and stay with her.

Hub Network Description

Niblet's kid sister was the puppy who always comes back -- that is until she met McLeish’s mother, Agatha. They're a match made in heaven. Lucky and the gang take a special interest in this too-enthusiastic, too-friendly pup, even though her non-stop talking drives them kind of bonkers. They check up on Rebound, and she visits them too, whenever Agatha visits McLeish.


In her episode with the same name, Rebound is brought to Shelter 17 by her current owner. Her hyperactive personality repels all prospective owners, and irritates Niblet, to the point where he yells at her to go away. Heartbroken, Rebound climbs into the visiting Agatha McLeish's limo. Niblet and the others come after her, believing her to be in danger from Agatha's dog-hating ways. They soon learn that Rebound and Agatha have bonded, and that Rebound has found a true home. Niblet gives her an official Pound Puppy tag, and Rebound informs him that, now that she's a McLeish, she'll be coming by the pound to visit now and then.

In "The Prince and the Pupper", Rebound makes two brief appearances: One in Agatha's limo, talking to Cuddlesworth, and another outside a restaurant, talking to Squirt.

In "My Fair Rebound", Rebound is entered into a dog contest by Agatha. Determined not to let her owner down, Rebound trains with the Pound Puppies, eventually overcoming her tendency to become distracted, and winning the contest.

In "Zoltron", Rebound and Agatha attend the local alien convention, dressed as aliens themselves.

Rebound dressed as a "Fliptar swamp puppy."

In "Bone Voyage", Agatha goes on a cruise vacation, and Rebound, fearing she will lose her, follows Agatha on board. Only after hearing Agatha admit over the intercom that she would never leave does Rebound return home.

Rebound makes a small appearance in "Lucky Gets Adopted", joining in the Woof-Bark-Tooth Day celebrations.

In "The Fraud Princess", a dog named Princess, brought by Agatha's new boyfriend, tells Rebound several fantastic lies. With the help of the Pound Puppies, Rebound discovers that Princess and his owner are frauds attempting to steal from Agatha, and exposes them.

In "The Super Secret Pup Club", Rebound, along with Cupcake and Patches, forms her own puppy placement team

Rebound with her fellow Super Secret Pup Club members.

after being told she is too young to join the Pound Puppies (she does admit to being small though, claiming she once got stuck in a cereal box). She claims that whenever she gets scared, she imagines she's somewhere else, a trick which Patches later uses to calm Squirt on a Building Construction. She is literally the baby of "The Super Secret Pup Club".

In "Barlow", Rebound was sent in to try to make Barlow and the others get up and active, but she went to sleep while running towards Barlow.

In "The Ruff Ruff Bunch", Rebound is taken to the groomers to take a bath and meets a dog named Foo Foo, who gets her into the Ruff Ruff Bunch. Soon after, she found herself on a train to Tierra Del Fuego. The Pound Puppies rescued her, and she was later seen relaxing with Cuddlesworth at the groomers.

In "Salty" the Pup Club meet Salty at the docks (A place Rebound said she was afraid of), and helped the Pound Puppies select his replacement.

In "The Accidental Pup Star", Rebound became the star of an extremely popular viral video which the Pound Puppies had to discredit as being fake.

In "All Bark and Little Bite", Rebound, Patches and Cupcake are made official Pound Puppies-in training by Dolly after they save Lucky from a bull.


  • In "My Fair Rebound", Rebound develops a small fang on the upper-left side of her mouth that remains for all further appearances.
  • At 21 episodes, Rebound has appeared in nearly one-third of Pound Puppies' 65 episodes.
  • Rebound loves peanut butter, however she loves Agatha more.


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