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Robert Netter
Robert Netter.png
Voiced by Jeff Bennett
Physical Information
Species Human (Homo sapiens sapiens)
Gender Male
Personal Information
Occupation Dogcatcher (officially "Streetman of Shelter 52")
Affiliation The City, Shelter 52, C.C.R.T. (disbanded)
Family Chip (adoptee)
Unnamed Netter family (mother, daughter, son)
First Appearance I Never Barked for My Father

Robert 'Bobby' Netter is a dogcatcher from Shelter 52 who appeared in "I Never Barked for My Father."


Netter's father is the state dog catcher, and Netter wanted to live up to his father's legacy. Netter organized all of the best dogcatchers in the city (including Officer Ketchum) into the Canine Capture and Removal Team, (C.C.R.T. for short). The organization's goal was to capture the worst dog troublemakers in each others districts and put them away in the Canine Capture and Removal Center (C.C.R.C.). Their first targets were Slick and Chip. Netter succeeded in capturing Chip, but when he took him to his house, his children ended up bonding with Chip, and Netter called his father to tell him that he was wrong about the C.C.R.C.. Coincidentally, the FKD had picked Netter's kids as Chip's perfect people.