Pound Puppies 2010 Wiki
Voiced by Sam McMurray
Physical Information
Species Alligator ("Alligator missippiensis")
Gender Male
Personal Information
Affiliation Pound Puppies (Decatur, Boise, New Orleans and Shelter 17 branches)
Family Cap Wilder (adopter)
First Appearance The Really Weird Dog

Rover was an alligator who appeared in "The Really Weird Dog."


Rover was won by a young boy at a carnival. One night, Rover was accidentally flushed down the toilet by the boy's father. After growing to full size in the sewers, Rover encountered a group of stray dogs near St. Paul, Minnesota. The dogs took Rover in and taught him their ways. Through them, Rover learned of the Pound Puppies, and asked for their help in finding his owner. During his search, Rover moved from outpost to outpost, eventually being sent to the group at Shelter 17.

Although most of the group learned to like him, Squirt hated him, believing that a friend of his named Peewee had been eaten by an alligator. Recognizing the name, Rover used the group's communicator to contact Peewee. Soon after, he was captured by Cap Wilder. After talking to Peewee, a guilty Squirt attempted to save Rover, inadvertently revealing that Cap was Rover's long-lost owner. Rover happily went with Cap, thanking Squirt for his help.