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Sally Mae is a little girl who adopted Zippster, Kippster, and Tip-tip in "Barlow." Her father, a Banjo Player, adopted Barlow. Sally Mae was voiced by Alanna Ubach. The FKD picked her as Zippster, Kippster, and Tip-tip's perfect person. They give Sally Mae and the banjo player the wrong directions for the country band auditions, Sally Mae discovers the pups and wants to adopt them. But ends up leaving with her father. The puppies are able to cut them, but Barlow was unable to reach his perfect person. So Zippster, Kippster, and Tip-tip keep whining and fidgeting and trying to get the Banjo Player back to the pound, which they do. The banjo player remembers Barlow from the hotel and adopts him. The episode ends with everyone singing Barlow's song. Sally Mae is briefly seen when the hotel closes down.


Sally Mae is fair-skinned and has ginger hair (in pigtails) with freckles. Sally Mae wears hairclips, ribbons, a pink cowboy hat and a short-sleeved lavender shirt.