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Schleppy is a Basset Hound Dachsund mix puppy who appeared in "The Road to Empawerment." He was voiced by Jeff Bennett.


Schleppy was born with a very long tail (even longer than an alligator's tail!). Niblet took him and his friends Stuffy and Axel on a quest to find the Doggy Lama.

His long tail would actually prove to be the source of salvation for the dogs during the second test. On their way along a dangerous cliff, all but Schleppy were left hanging over an immense drop. Realizing that the others would fall long before any form of help could get there, Schleppy made a leap of faith and (using his tail as a rope) hauled his friends to safety. Following this event, Schleppy had gained newfound faith in himself and was willing to continue the journey.


Schleppy sounds similar to the famous pessimistic cartoon dog, Droopy.