Shelter 52
Shelter 52 Cupcake Cookie
Cupcake and Cookie walking towards Shelter 52.


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Robert Netter

Shelter 52 is an animal shelter implied to be located near Shelter 17.


Compared with Shelter 17, Shelter 52 is built with a more urban design. Whereas Shelter 17 appears to be a white stucco building with reddish-orange ceramic roof tiles, a style common in Florida, California and the Southwestern states (being inspired by existing Spanish buildings, most notably missions), 52 appears to be built out of brown brick, a style more common on the East Coast. Instead of placing the number of the shelter on an awning above the main door the same way Shelter 17 and Happy Valley does, the number "52" is incorporated into the sign, a blue collar with a gold tag, above the where the awning would be. The sign above the building bears the brown silhouette of what appears to be a doberman.

Nothing about the kennels behind the main office is currently known, although it can be assumed the shelter has a similar arrangement to Shelter 17 and Happy Valley.


Robert Netter is the only known staff member. He is the "streetman" for the shelter, son of the state dogcatcher, and was the founder of the Canine Capture and Removal Team.


Shelter 52 was first mentioned in "I Never Barked for My Father". It was where the main antagonist, Robert Netter, was assigned to.

The pound made its first onscreen appearance in "Mutternal Instincts" as the shelter that Cookie took Cupcake to after she had to give her up.

In "The Road to Empawerment", the shelter was "motivational speaker" Bony Doggins stop after Shelter 17. Niblet, Stuffy, Schleppy and Axel met up with Doggins outside of the shelter to ask him about how they could meet the Doggy Lama. Incidentally, the road right in front of the shelter leads right to the mountain that the Doggie Lama lives on.

The exterior of the shelter also appeared as the background to Strudel's character profile picture on before the website was rebranded as in January 2014. Despite this, Strudel has no in-universe affiliation with Shelter 52, nor has she ever appeared in front of it on the show.


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