Pound Puppies 2010 Wiki
Voiced by Gary Cole
Physical Information
Species Dog (Canis lupus familiaris)
Breed Scottish Terrier/Schnauzer
Gender Male
Personal Information
Current Residence The Morrisons
Family Lucky (son)
Chip (son), Unkown Dogs (Mates), Several Unknown Pups (Children)
First Appearance I Never Barked for My Father

Slick is the father of Lucky, who appeared in the episode, "I Never Barked for My Father".


Slick's appearance is very similar to the character, Tramp, from Lady and the Tramp. He mainly has dark gray fur on his body and eyelids. He has lighter greyish-white fur around his eyes, on his muzzle, to his neck to his torso, and on his paws that end in a wave. He has darker gray eyebrows above his eyes. He has a small, short shaggy tail and pointed ears like Lucky. According to Lucky, he has his snout.


Slick is cool, care-free and, true to his name, very slick; able to con or charm anyone out of anything.


According to Lucky, Slick was constantly leaving his owner's house, having to be brought back. One day, he left and never came back.

In the present, Slick and his partner Chip were on the run from dogcatchers, causing so much trouble that Netter formed the Canine Capture and Removal Team, hoping that a team of the most skilled dogcatchers could finally manage to catch them. Slick and Chip managed to convince the dogs at Shelter 17 to let them stay. Slick was surprised to find that his son was the leader of a Pound Puppies unit. Wanting to stay in hiding, Slick convinced Lucky to let them stay until Chip was adopted, knowing full-well Chip had no intention of being adopted. When Lucky discovered the truth, Slick apologized and offered to reconnect with his son, but was bitterly rejected.

When Chip was captured by dog catchers, Lucky berated Slick for not watching him. Slick confessed that Chip was his son, something he had kept secret, even from him. During the rescue mission, Slick confessed that he had not belonged to the Herrimans, Lucky's mother's owners, but to the Morrisons, neighbors to the Herriman's, who had later moved away. Slick told Lucky that he ran away from the Morrisons in hopes he could find Lucky.

By the time they found Chip, he had bonded with the dog catcher's family, and had decided to stay. Slick agreed with Chip's decision, and parted ways with his other son amiably, with he and Lucky playing tug-o-war.


  • Slick resembles the character Tramp from Lady and the Tramp and even shares some of his personality traits.