Pound Puppies 2010 Wiki
Voiced by Alanna Ubach
Physical Information
Species Cat (Felis silvestris catus)
Gender Female♀
Personal Information
Current Residence D'Artista Residence
Family Bumper (adopted brother)

Suzanne D'Artista (owner)

First Appearance Hello Kitten

Spoons is a calico kitten who appeared in "Hello Kitten".


Spoons got help from Patches, Rebound, and Cupcake, and a kitten named Teensy in finding her perfect person, Suzanne.

Before coming to the Kennel Kittens, Spoons lived on the street. A pup named Bumper was her only friend and adoptive brother. However, Bumper was adopted and Spoons was taken to the Kennel Kittens. There, the Kennel Kittens kept trying to place her with other people, and did not want her to socialize with puppies.

Ace's reasoning for this was that he had a pup friend when younger, but felt abandoned when he found his perfect person, and he didn't want that to happen to Spoons.

This led to Spoons always running away from the person they placed her with. Desperate for help, she went to the Pound Puppies to see if they would do a better job. The Pound Puppies refused due to her being a cat, but the Super Secret Pup Club agreed to help.

Spoons and the Super Secret Pup Club learned that her perfect person is also the human who adopted Bumper. The Kennel Kittens tried to take her to another human at the lighthouse, but she finally decided to put her foot down and attempted to escape with the help of Teensy and the Super Secret Pup Club. She nearly fell from the top after being caught by Ace, but was helped by the Super Secret Pup Club. After his life being saved, Ace reconsidered his decision and allowed Spoons to be placed with Suzanne and Bumper.


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