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Stain- the big boss of the dockyard dogs.

Stain is a dog who appeared in "The Watchdogs." He was voiced by Clancy Brown.


Stain ruled over the seafood district and its dogs with an iron paw. The Pound Puppies rescued Peppy from him, and in doing so, humiliated Stain by inadvertently dumping him in a vat of fish guts, causing the other strays in the alley to believe that the Pound Puppies were superheroes, and calling them the "Watchdogs." Stain tried to get revenge on them by kidnapping Peppy and luring the Pound Puppies to a warehouse where he trapped Peppy, Strudel, Lucky, Cookie, and Squirt in a net hanging above a vat of fish guts, but thanks to Niblet, Stain was defeated, and the pups were recused. Shortly after, Stain (having been humiliated again) apologized for being a jerk, and explained that bullying scared puppies was the only way that a scruffy, fishy-smelling dog like him could get attention or respect, since he didn't believe that any person would want him. The Pound Puppies were able to solve his problem by matching him with the scruffy warehouse guard.