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Super Secret Pup Club
The Super Secret Pup Club




Shelter 17


Patches, Rebound, Cupcake


To find puppies homes; Pound Puppies In Training

Episode Created

The Super Secret Pup Club

First Appearance

The Season 2 Intro

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The Super Secret Pup Club (aka Pound Puppies in training) is a puppy-placement group. Originally created by Patches, Rebound and Cupcake when the latter two were told that they were "too young" to find homes for pups, the Club now serve to help the Shelter 17 Pound Puppies.


The Super Secret Pup Club consists of Patches, Rebound, and Cupcake.


The group was created in "The Super Secret Pup Club." Their first mission was to find their leader, Patches, a home.

The Club's next appearance is in the episode "The Ruff Ruff Bunch," which revolved mainly around Rebound joining the titular "bunch," and convincing the other two members of the SSPC to join.

In "Salty," the three find the titular character looking for a replacement for his human, so they dress up as potential replacements and purposely fail in order to attempt to show him that he can't be replaced.

In "Squawk," Niblet takes the Club and Humphrey to see a vat full of peanut butter. Later, the pups help Niblet look for Napoleon around town.

"The Accidental Pup Star" has Rebound nearly reveal the fact that dogs can talk through an internet video. The other two members mention that they both starred in internet videos of them falling into their owner's toilets.

In "The Pups Who Loved Me," the Club join Lucky on what they claim to be their "First Real Pound Puppies mission" before accidentally traveling to London in agent Bondo's flying car.

In "It's Elementary My Dear Pup Club," the three of them are joined by Pepper in clearing Chucky's name when he is accused of being a troublemaker at his school.

In "Hello Kitten," the club helped a kitten named Spoons find her person, as she had not had much luck with the Kennel Kittens.

As of the end of "All Bark and Little Bite," members of the Club have been officially instated as "Pound Puppies In Training," receiving golden dog tags.


  • The organization of the Super Secret Pup Club is very similar to the Cutie Mark Crusaders from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, both containing a trio aswell a similar goal.